“I regret that I didn’t fully consider the long-lasting emotional consequences of my abortion.” – Anonymous

“I wish I had known that the pain of abortion doesn’t just go away.” – Anonymous

“Every day, I live with the regret of not giving my child a chance at life.” – Anonymous

“Abortion may have seemed like a quick fix, but it left a permanent void in my heart.” – Anonymous

“I thought I was making the best decision, but now I know that I will always carry the weight of my unborn child’s absence.” – Anonymous

“Abortion may be legal, but the regret is real.” – Anonymous

“The moment I realized that I took away a precious life, the regret consumed me.” – Anonymous

“I never thought I would experience such intense grief after having an abortion.” – Anonymous

“The emptiness inside me is a constant reminder of the choice I made.” – Anonymous

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about the child I could have had.” – Anonymous

“I wish I had considered adoption as a loving alternative.” – Anonymous

“I’ll always wonder what my child would have become if I hadn’t chosen abortion.” – Anonymous

“I thought I would feel relief after my abortion, but all I feel is regret.” – Anonymous

“Abortion may have been my choice, but the guilt and regret were not.” – Anonymous

“I made a decision that haunts me every day.” – Anonymous

“Losing my unborn child to abortion is a regret that will never fade away.” – Anonymous

“I wish I had been given more information about the emotional repercussions of abortion.” – Anonymous

“I never anticipated the deep pain and regret that would follow my abortion.” – Anonymous

“My abortion left me feeling isolated and filled with regret.” – Anonymous

“I can never forget the date of my abortion because it will forever be etched in my heart.” – Anonymous

“My heart breaks for the child I never got to know.” – Anonymous

“I wish someone had told me that there were other options before I chose abortion.” – Anonymous

“The weight of my decision became unbearable as I realized the magnitude of what I had done.” – Anonymous

“I never expected the excruciating grief and regret that followed my abortion.” – Anonymous

“I wish I had followed my instincts and chosen life for my child.” – Anonymous

“I can’t help but feel like a part of me is missing because of my abortion.” – Anonymous

“Abortion may have solved a temporary problem, but created a lifelong regret.” – Anonymous

“I grieve for the love and joy that could have filled my life if I hadn’t chosen abortion.” – Anonymous

“My abortion left me with a void that no amount of time or therapy could fill.” – Anonymous

“I wish I had known that the pain of regret would overshadow any initial relief I felt after my abortion.” – Anonymous