“Abstract art is the silence of thoughts.” – Marcello Ferrada de Noli

“Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Abstract art is a dialogue between the artist who created it and the viewer who interprets it.” – Unknown

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – Pablo Picasso

“Abstract art is the freedom of expression through colors, shapes, and forms.” – Unknown

“The abstract art speaks where words are unable to explain.” – Unknown

“Abstract art is a visual poetry that evokes emotions beyond the mundane.” – Unknown

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

“Abstract art is the purest form of emotional expression.” – Wassily Kandinsky

“Abstract art is an adventure into an unknown world of possibilities.” – Vassily-Howad Szlávik

“Abstract art is a visual symphony of shapes, colors, and lines.” – Unknown

“Art is not about what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

“Abstract art is an escape into a realm of boundless imagination.” – Unknown

“Art is freedom made visible.” – Unknown

“Abstract art is like a window into the artist’s soul.” – Unknown

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

“Abstract art is an invitation to dream beyond the confines of reality.” – Unknown

“Art is a journey of self-discovery.” – Unknown

“Abstract art allows us to perceive the world through a different lens.” – Unknown

“Art is the highest form of hope.” – Gerhard Richter

“Abstract art is the anthem of the untamed imagination.” – Unknown

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

“Abstract art is the language of emotions unspoken.” – Unknown

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” – Twyla Tharp

“Abstract art is like music for the eyes.” – Unknown

“Artistic freedom is painting outside the lines and inviting others to do the same.” – Unknown

“Abstract art is a dance of colors and shapes in harmony.” – Unknown

“Art is not a thing; it is a way.” – Elbert Hubbard

“Abstract art is a rebellion against the mundane.” – Unknown

“Art is the soul’s way of telling its story.” – Unknown