“Family gatherings: where we all pretend to be happy for a few hours.”

“I’d rather be alone than in the presence of toxic family members.”

“Some family members bring joy when they arrive, others when they leave.”

“Sometimes, distance is the healthiest choice for family gatherings.”

“The less I see some family members, the happier I am.”

“Family gatherings are like a circus, complete with clowns and drama.”

“Family gatherings: where the awkward silences are louder than the conversations.”

“I don’t attend family gatherings to avoid the chaos and negativity.”

“Sometimes, blood isn’t thicker than water.”

“Toxic family members are not worth sacrificing my mental peace for.”

“The happiest family gatherings are the ones I skip.”

“Family gatherings: where the soul is drained more than the wine.”

“I chose my happiness over attending family gatherings.”

“Some family members reunite for peace, others for war.”

“Family gatherings are a perfect reminder of why therapy exists.”

“The more dysfunctional the family, the more dramatic the gathering.”

“Putting my mental well-being first means skipping family gatherings.”

“Family gatherings: where judgments are served as side dishes.”

“Sometimes, being alone is better than being with family.”

“Family gatherings are just breeding grounds for resentment.”

“Family gatherings: the perfect opportunity to practice patience and tolerance.”

“Skipping family gatherings is an act of self-care.”

“Family gatherings: where superficial conversations dominate the atmosphere.”

“Sometimes, the only family you need is the one you choose.”

“Family gatherings: a reminder of the dysfunction we share.”

“Some family gatherings are like walking into a minefield of tension.”

“Family gatherings: where old wounds are reopened and fresh ones are created.”

“Avoiding family gatherings is my way of preserving my sanity.”

“Family gatherings: a reminder that DNA doesn’t guarantee loyalty.”

“Choosing my peace over family gatherings is my way of self-preservation.”