“It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.”

“Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard.”

“Precious, my sweet precious.”

“It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told.”

“I’m a very lonely man.”

“I covet what you possess.”

“I’m just a man who finds a certain satisfaction in helping others.”

“The world’s more interesting with you in it.”

“I’m not a bad person. I just have bad urges.”

“Your beauty deserves more than a mirror.”

“The silence of the lambs has never bothered me.”

“You don’t know what pain is!”

“I give you a few days, just to rest up, then you come and find me.”

“I am Buffalo Bill, and you can be my number one fan.”

“You’re so big and strong. I bet you could snap my bones like twigs if you wanted to.”

“Damn you! You fucking bitch!”

“In the end, we will all be judged.”

“Believe it or not, you’re gonna miss me.”

“It’s not just us. It’s everlasting.”

“We were made for each other, Bill.”

“I’d rather die than give you what you want.”

“I can smell your fear.”

“We’re gonna make a great big beautiful butterfly.”

“I want to make a dress out of you.”

“You don’t have any clue what fashion even is.”

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“I see you, Clarice.”

“Would you scream if you saw me in public?”

“Put your hands on me. Touch me.”

“I’d skin you alive if I could.”