“Stick together, team.”

“Lock and load, guys.”

“Stay cool, don’t alert the guards.”

“Remember, we’re professionals.”

“Let’s get this heist started.”

“Silent and deadly, that’s our motto.”

“Find the keycard, we’ll need it later.”

“Shh, we’re cloaking in.”

“Stay hidden, avoid unnecessary fights.”

“Don’t let them see you.”

“Stay low, stay invisible.”

“The shadows are our allies.”

“Cloaking in, let’s do this.”

“Take them out quietly.”

“We’re like ghosts, they won’t see us coming.”

“Stealth is key.”

“Cloak and dagger, that’s our style.”

“Invisibility is our greatest weapon.”

“Stay calm, keep your head down.”

“Remember, time is of the essence.”

“Make every move count.”

“Stay hidden, stay alive.”

“Stay in the shadows, they can’t touch us there.”

“The perfect crime, executed flawlessly.”

“Blend in, act natural.”

“We’re the masters of deception.”

“Stay alert, the guards could be anywhere.”

“Stay behind cover, avoid detection.”

“Silence is golden, make sure we keep it that way.”

“We’re the shadows of the night, ready to strike.”