“The aftermath of trauma is as much about learning to live again as it is about healing.” – Jasmin Lee Cori

“Healing is not linear, and that’s okay. It’s the willingness to keep going that counts.” – Unknown

“Your trauma is valid. Your feelings are valid. You matter.” – Unknown

“You survived the abuse. You’re going to survive the recovery.” – Unknown

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls you.” – Akshay Dubey

“You are not responsible for the trauma that was inflicted upon you. But you are responsible for your healing.” – Unknown

“Healing doesn’t mean forgetting. It means remembering without the pain.” – Aleksandra Ninkovic

“Trauma creates changes you don’t choose. Healing creates changes you do choose.” – Unknown

“Healing takes time, and time takes patience. Be patient with yourself on this journey.” – Unknown

“You are not alone in your trauma. There are others who understand and support you.” – Unknown

“No amount of therapy can undo what’s been done, but it can help you uncover your strength and heal.” – Unknown

“Healing is not an overnight process. It takes time. Sometimes it can take years, but don’t give up. Keep going.” – Unknown

“The journey of healing begins the moment you decide to fight for yourself.” – Unknown

“You are a survivor, not a victim. Your strength is your power.” – Unknown

“Healing is messy, uncomfortable, and painful, but it is also beautiful and transformative.” – Unknown

“It takes courage to heal from trauma. You are stronger than you know.” – Unknown

“Healing is a journey, and you are on the right path. Keep going.” – Unknown

“Your past does not define you. Your healing does.” – Unknown

“Healing begins with self-compassion. Be gentle with yourself.” – Unknown

“It’s okay to not be okay. Give yourself permission to feel and heal.” – Unknown

“Your healing will look different from others, and that’s okay. What matters is that you’re taking steps towards healing.” – Unknown

“You are not damaged goods. You are resilient and capable of healing.” – Unknown

“Healing can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life.” – Unknown

“Recovery isn’t easy, but living with the effects of trauma is harder. Choose recovery.” – Unknown

“You have survived the worst, and now it’s time to thrive.” – Unknown

“Healing is a journey of reclaiming your power and finding your voice.” – Unknown

“Your experiences may have shaped you, but they do not define you. You are so much more.” – Unknown

“Healing begins by accepting yourself as you are and embracing the journey towards becoming who you want to be.” – Unknown

“Be kind to yourself as you navigate the ups and downs of healing. You are doing the best you can.” – Unknown

“You are not alone on this path of healing. Reach out for support and let others share the burden with you.” – Unknown