“Hard times will always reveal true friends.”

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

“Friendship is tested in difficult times.”

“You never know who your real friends are until times get tough.”

“In good times, friends will surround you. In hard times, true friends will stand beside you.”

“Difficult times make us appreciate the true friends in our lives.”

“When times are tough, you find out who your real friends are.”

“True friends stick around when things get tough.”

“Hard times can separate your acquaintances from your true friends.”

“Real friends stay with you through thick and thin.”

“Friendships that withstand hard times are the strongest.”

“A true friend is someone who stays by your side when everyone else walks away.”

“Just when you think you’re alone, a true friend will show up.”

“Hard times can expose fake friends.”

“True friends don’t abandon you in tough moments.”

“In difficult times, true friends become family.”

“A friend who helps you through tough times is a friend for life.”

“Adversity shows who your true friends are.”

“Real friends don’t give up on you when times get hard.”

“Hard times bring out the best in true friendships.”

“When things are tough, count on your friends to lift you up.”

“True friends are the ones who walk with you through the storm.”

“Difficult times reveal the true colors of your friends.”

“In hard times, your true friends will stand up and fight for you.”

“A true friend never leaves your side, even in the darkest moments.”

“Difficult times show you who to trust and who to let go.”

“When life gets tough, lean on your trusted friends.”

“Real friends don’t only show up in good times.”

“Hard times separate the loyal from the shallow.”

“Trust is earned through hard times and true friends prove their trustworthiness.”