“Denial is not just a river in Egypt.” – Mark Twain

“Denial is the first step towards failure.” – Unknown

“Denial is a self-made prison.” – Unknown

“Denial only prolongs the inevitable.” – Unknown

“Denial doesn’t change reality, it just delays acknowledgement.” – Unknown

“Denial is the refuge of the ignorant.” – Unknown

“Denial is the enemy of progress.” – Unknown

“Denial keeps you stuck in the past.” – Unknown

“Denial is a lie we tell ourselves to feel safe.” – Unknown

“Denial is a mask we wear to hide from the truth.” – Unknown

“Denial is a temporary escape from facing reality.” – Unknown

“Denial is the shield of the weak-minded.” – Unknown

“Denial blinds us to the possibilities of change.” – Unknown

“Denial hinders personal growth.” – Unknown

“Denial is a coping mechanism for the afraid.” – Unknown

“Denial is an obstacle to finding true happiness.” – Unknown

“Denial is the enemy of self-improvement.” – Unknown

“Denial keeps us trapped in a cycle of stagnation.” – Unknown

“Denial is a barrier to personal fulfillment.” – Unknown

“Denial prevents us from making necessary changes.” – Unknown

“Denial is a roadblock to self-discovery.” – Unknown

“Denial taints our perception of reality.” – Unknown

“Denial is the refusal to accept what we know to be true.” – Unknown

“Denial is a toxic defense mechanism.” – Unknown

“Denial prevents us from learning valuable life lessons.” – Unknown

“Denial is a crutch for the weak-hearted.” – Unknown

“Denial is a cop-out; it’s time to face the truth.” – Unknown

“Denial is a silent killer of dreams.” – Unknown

“Denial robs us of our true potential.” – Unknown

“Denial is an obstacle we must overcome to achieve personal growth.” – Unknown