“A Dodger has two strikes against him before he starts. He deals with the hate the way his father taught him – you fight against it and survive.” – Jackie Robinson

“There’s no crying in baseball.” – Tom Hanks (in the movie A League of Their Own)

“The Dodgers have always been a team of incredible history and tradition, and it’s an honor to wear this uniform.” – Clayton Kershaw

“The Dodgers are family. We fight for each other, support each other, and give it our all on the field.” – Justin Turner

“Dodger Stadium is my happy place. There’s nothing like the energy and atmosphere of a home game.” – Cody Bellinger

“Being a Dodger means representing a city that loves its team. We play for the fans.” – Walker Buehler

“The Dodgers have a rich legacy, and it’s our responsibility to continue that tradition and bring championships to Los Angeles.” – Corey Seager

“There’s a special bond among Dodgers players. We’re brothers on and off the field.” – Mookie Betts

“You don’t choose to become a Dodger, the Dodgers choose you. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of this organization.” – Fernando Valenzuela

“Dodger Blue runs through our veins. It’s a part of who we are.” – Sandy Koufax

“Playing for the Dodgers means playing with heart and leaving everything on the field.” – Orel Hershiser

“The Dodgers taught me to never give up. They taught me the meaning of resilience.” – Kirk Gibson

“Dodgers fans are the best in the world. Their passion fuels us to give our all every game.” – Steve Garvey

“No matter where we play, the Dodgers bring a piece of LA with them. We represent the city and its culture.” – Andre Ethier

“Dodgers baseball is about unity, diversity, and the pursuit of excellence.” – Don Newcombe

“The Dodgers taught me the importance of teamwork and the power of a collective effort.” – Maury Wills

“Being a Dodger means playing with humility, respecting the game, and never taking anything for granted.” – Pee Wee Reese

“The Dodgers have a winning mentality. We go out there every day with the mindset of being champions.” – Dave Roberts

“There’s magic in Dodger Stadium. We can feel it and we feed off it.” – Hideo Nomo

“The Dodgers are more than just a baseball team. They represent hope, resilience, and the power to overcome anything.” – Tommy Lasorda

“Dodger fans are the heartbeat of our team. They inspire and motivate us every day.” – Adrian Gonzalez

“Baseball is a game of inches, and the Dodgers teach you to fight for every single one.” – Shawn Green

“Playing for the Dodgers is a dream come true. It’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself.” – Russell Martin

“The Dodgers taught me the importance of perseverance. No matter how tough things get, you keep pushing forward.” – Rick Monday

“Dodgers history is filled with legends, and it’s an honor to be mentioned among them.” – Eric Gagne

“Dodgers fans are like no other. They support us through thick and thin, and we play for them.” – Mike Piazza

“Being a Dodger means carrying on a legacy of greatness and impacting the lives of fans.” – Fernando Valenzuela Jr.

“Dodger Stadium is our home, and we protect it with everything we’ve got.” – Clayton Kershaw

“The Dodgers have a winning culture. We’re not satisfied with anything less than a championship.” – Cody Bellinger

“Playing for the Dodgers is like being part of a family. We support and push each other to be the best.” – Justin Turner