“Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s dead, because she’ll freak out!”

“She’s just sleeping, let’s not alarm Mom.”

“We’ll clean up the mess before Mom gets here.”

“Let’s make sure we hide anything that could give it away.”

“This could be our little secret, okay?”

“We have to act normal, like nothing happened.”

“Don’t even mention the babysitter’s absence to Mom.”

“We’ll have to figure this out on our own without involving Mom.”

“Remember, we’re a team, and we’ll handle this together.”

“We can’t let Mom discover the truth, she would be devastated.”

“Let’s make sure we have an alibi in case Mom starts asking questions.”

“We’ll have to cover up any evidence of what really happened.”

“We can’t trust anyone else with this secret, it’s just between us.”

“We need to be extra careful not to slip up and give anything away.”

“If Mom asks, we’ll say the babysitter had an emergency and had to leave.”

“Just play it cool, Mom doesn’t need to know the details.”

“Let’s not dwell on the past, we have to focus on the present and future.”

“If Mom suspects anything, we have to be prepared with a believable story.”

“We’ll make sure the house looks exactly the way it did when Mom left.”

“Remember, lying to Mom is only temporary, eventually, we’ll have to come clean.”

“Mom’s happiness is important, and this secret could shatter that.”

“We’ll support each other no matter what happens.”

“We can’t let guilt consume us, let’s stay strong.”

“This secret is a burden we have to carry, at least for now.”

“We’ll make sure to distract Mom from asking too many questions.”

“As long as we stick together, we can keep this secret under wraps.”

“We have to be extra cautious until everything settles down.”

“We’ll have to act as if nothing happened to protect Mom’s peace of mind.”

“Let’s stay calm and composed, no matter what comes our way.”

“We’ll face the consequences when the time is right, but for now, let’s keep Mom in the dark.”