“The cards never lie, my friends.”

“I’ve got friends on the other side.”

“You’re in my world now, not your world.”

“Don’t you disrespect me, little man!”

“The shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright.”

“You see, I know everything about everyone.”

“I ain’t got time with wasters. But I’d do anything for some of that green.”

“I’m a busy man, I don’t have all day.”

“I’m gonna say this once: only I can bring your true love back.”

“Your life, I’m afraid, has become a bump in the road.”

“Just a little squeeze of the hand, and all your troubles will soon be forgotten.”

“I always have a plan, my friend. Always.”

“The price for your dreams? Just your voice.”

“Now, without further ado, let’s see what the cards have in store for you.”

“I’ve got voodoo, I’ve got hoodoo, I’ve got things I haven’t even tried!”

“You’re in a real tight spot, my friend.”

“You must have something that belongs to me.”

“Dig a little deeper and you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted.”

“Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?”

“You know what happens when people see something they’ve never seen before? Well, they panic.”

“The rich and regal might be their dream, but what these poor, unfortunate souls desire is something much simpler.”

“Beware what you wish, for soon it may come true!”

“You won’t need luck where you’re going, my dear.”

“Goodbye, my friend. When next we meet, you won’t be able to run.”

“You’re gonna be free, but your freedom doesn’t come cheap.”

“Everything and everyone has a price.”

“Dreams do come true, my friend, but it’s only a matter of time before the bill comes due.”

“I’m no shadow chaser. I’m the shadow man!”

“You can have fortune and fame, but what good is it without trust and love?”

“Remember, my friends, it is better to serve the Shadow Man than to be cursed by him.”