“Losing is fun.” – Dwarf Fortress

“So many ways to die, so little time.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Dwarves work, dwarves drink, dwarves die. That’s life in Dwarf Fortress.”

“In a world of endless possibilities, the only limit is your imagination.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Prepare for inevitable disaster, for it is always just around the corner.” – Dwarf Fortress

“The game that makes even the toughest players weep.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Armok blesses the foolish and condemns the sane.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Dig too greedily and too deep, and you may awaken something you can’t handle.” – Dwarf Fortress

“In Dwarf Fortress, hope is a dangerous thing.”

“Dwarves, like life itself, are inherently fragile.” – Dwarf Fortress

“In the face of death and destruction, dwarfkind stands defiant.” – Dwarf Fortress

“No fortress is truly complete without a healthy dose of chaos.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Fun can be deadly, and deadly can be fun.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Adapt, survive, and hope for the best. That’s the mantra of a dwarf.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Time is a cruel mistress; she brings both joy and sorrow.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Challenges are what make us strong, and in Dwarf Fortress, we are forged in the fires of adversity.”

“Sanity is a luxury in the chaotic depths of Dwarf Fortress.”

“The true measure of a dwarf is not in their accomplishments, but in how they face their impending doom.” – Dwarf Fortress

“There is always a way to make a bad situation worse.” – Dwarf Fortress

“To err is dwarven, to forgive is… not in their nature.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Some call it a game, others call it a cruel lesson in humility.” – Dwarf Fortress

“The dwarven spirit is unyielding, even in the face of unimaginable odds.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Build, dig, mine, and above all, hope for the best.” – Dwarf Fortress

“The greatest achievements are born from the greatest failures.” – Dwarf Fortress

“To lose is to learn, and to succeed is to defy the odds.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Fortresses rise and fall, but the dwarven spirit endures.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Be warned, for death lurks in every corner of this unforgiving world.” – Dwarf Fortress

“In the chaos of Dwarf Fortress, legends are born and forgotten in the blink of an eye.”

“Embrace the chaos, for it is the harbingeāŸ…r of greatness.” – Dwarf Fortress

“Dwarf Fortress: The game you’ll love to hate, and hate to love.”