“If you stop doing the wrong things, then the right things have a chance to catch up with you.”

“Use of the self is synonymous with unselfishness.”

“Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.”

“It is not the degree of ‘willing’ or ‘trying,’ but the way in which the energy is directed, that is going to make the ‘willing’ or ‘trying’ effective.”

“The act of refusal to make the unnecessary muscular movements… brings about the kinesthetic experience of the true movement.”

“The man who is not able to develop his work to the highest degree falls short of his true greatness.”

“A child is always at a disadvantage in deciding what is good to do because of his innate desires and tendencies.”

“People do not decide their actions, but they decide their habits and their habits decide their actions.”

“The human being is the only animal which makes habits, consciously, unconsciously, or by accident.”

“Use implies changing my patterns of reaction to a stimulus, with the end result that I do not react in the same way to the stimulus the next time it occurs.”

“Cost it out. Ask yourself what it costs you mentally, physically, morally, socially, in lost opportunities and in wasted time, to continue performing below capacity.”

“You can achieve the impossible by paying attention to the possible.”

“Thinking is very important, but you cannot think about what you do not know.”

“People are not units. They are individuals.”

“To do it in a new way, you must know the old way.”

“What we mean by discipline is to prevent pattern habits from having a detrimental expression.”

“The task we must set ourselves is to make the teaching of thinking and reasoning secondary to the teaching of non-doing.”

“It is an education suited only to adults.”

“Freedom is seen to be a condition of dependence on a better and more refined self.”

“One has to become dispossessed mentally to gain control.”

“Neither our circumstances, nor the path we are obliged to follow, can resolve the paradox in which we are encased.”

“Discovery is the process of locating knowledge within ourselves.”

“Inhibition is not the abandonment of control, but only the control of the abandonment of control.”

“Self-direction has to be based on science, and for that, it has to be directed.”

“If the habits are not dispensed with, physical flexibility will be lost.”

“The fact that a man is afraid is proof that he is not yet aware of the full extent of his possibilities.”

“The initiative has to come from the individual himself.”

“Look at the difference between willing and intending, and between intending and committing.”

“If one movement could be guided, then any movement could be guided.”

“Thoughts are not authoritative until they are an action.”