“Drill, baby, drill.” – Sarah Palin

“The oil business is not about drilling wells, but finding oil.” – Harold Hamm

“Oil is a resource we cannot live without.” – T. Boone Pickens

“In the oil industry, numbers don’t lie – they just get bigger.” – Andrew Gould

“The world runs on oil.” – Fred Smith

“Oil is the lifeblood of modern society.” – Daniel Yergin

“The price of oil is the most important factor in the global economy.” – Rex Tillerson

“Oil is the gold of the 21st century.” – Mark Mobius

“In the oil industry, innovation is the key to survival.” – Jeroen van der Veer

“There are two types of people in the world, those who own oilfields and those who work for them.” – Unknown

“Finding oil is like finding buried treasure.” – James Hackett

“The oil industry is a risky business, but the rewards can be enormous.” – Jim Ratcliffe

“Oil is not just a commodity, it’s power.” – Peter Duncan

“The oil business is a constant battle against nature.” – Paul Anderson

“Oil is life, everything else is details.” – Carl Safina

“Oilfield workers are the backbone of the industry.” – Aubrey McClendon

“There’s no business like the oil business.” – J. Paul Getty

“Oil is the foundation of modern civilization.” – John D. Rockefeller

“Oilfield work is not for the faint of heart.” – T. Boone Pickens

“Oil is the engine that drives the global economy.” – Harold Hamm

“The oil industry has always been a roller coaster ride.” – Andrew Gould

“Oil is the currency of the world.” – Rex Tillerson

“Working in the oilfield is like playing a high-stakes game.” – Mark Mobius

“The oil industry is all about taking risks.” – Jeroen van der Veer

“Oil is the lifeblood of modern transportation.” – James Hackett

“The oilfield is a place where legends are born.” – Jim Ratcliffe

“Oil is the ultimate source of power and influence.” – Peter Duncan

“In the oil industry, every day is a new adventure.” – Paul Anderson

“Oil is the fuel that keeps the world moving.” – Carl Safina

“Oilfield workers are the unsung heroes of the global economy.” – Aubrey McClendon