Sure, here are 30 quotes about fearing the quiet ones:

“Beware, for the quiet ones have a storm brewing within.”

“When the noise stops, the quiet ones arise.”

“Silence is their weapon; do not underestimate the power of a quiet mind.”

“You should fear those who smile in silence, for their thoughts are louder than any words.”

“In the midst of chaos, the quiet ones hold the key to serenity.”

“Quietness is deceptive; it can hide the most brilliant minds and the darkest intentions.”

“A calm exterior can be a mask for a torrential storm in the quiet one’s soul.”

“The quiet ones observe and gather knowledge, waiting for the right moment to strike.”

“When the world is loud, listen closely to the whispers of the quiet ones.”

“The quiet ones are not weak; they are simply saving their energy for the right battle.”

“Beware of confusing silence with weakness; the quiet ones possess immense strength.”

“Underestimate the quiet ones at your own peril.”

“The quiet ones are not to be feared when they speak, but when they fall silent.”

“Fear the quiet ones, for they know how to detach themselves from the chaos.”

“Be cautious around the quiet ones; they may hold secrets that could shatter your world.”

“Do not provoke the silent ones, for their wrath is far more dangerous than their stillness.”

“The quiet ones have mastered the art of camouflage; they blend seamlessly into the background.”

“The quiet ones have a reserve of power that only emerges when necessary.”

“Silence can be more intimidating than any words; the quiet ones understand this well.”

“In a world filled with noise, the quiet ones find solace and strength.”

“The quiet ones are like shadows, always watching and waiting.”

“Beware the calm demeanor, for underneath lies a hidden storm in the quiet ones.”

“The quiet ones are observers; they see and understand more than they let on.”

“The quiet ones do not seek attention, but they can command it effortlessly.”

“Be mindful of the quiet ones, for they possess a depth that can drown the unwary.”

“The quiet ones are like puzzles waiting to be solved; their true nature is a mystery.”

“Fear the silent ones, for their silence means they are plotting their next move.”

“Never dismiss the quiet ones; their quietness might be a result of their wisdom.”

“The quiet ones are like rivers flowing in silence; their depth cannot be measured by words.”

“If you want to uncover the truth, pay attention to the quiet ones; their silence speaks volumes.”