“I don’t mind animatronics trying to kill me, but please don’t take the last slice of pizza.”

“Springtrap: I just want to be loved! Every other character: You literally killed people.”

“Foxy: Can I borrow your hook? Bonnie: Fine, but don’t try to stab anyone with it.”

“Freddy: The only thing scarier than facing off against animatronics is receiving a math test.”

“Chica: I may be an animatronic, but I really just want to open a bakery.”

“Bonnie: I can play the guitar with my teeth! Foxy: Do you want a prize for that?”

“Golden Freddy: I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving energy for future jump scares.”

“Springtrap: I’m not trapped, I’m just really cozy in this spring suit.”

“Freddy: Did someone say pizza? Oh wait, it was just my internal monologue again.”

“Foxy: I may look scary, but I’m just a misunderstood pirate looking for treasure.”

“Bonnie: I can pop a wheelie on my unicycle. Freddy: That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Chica: If life gives you lemons, make lemon-flavored pizza.”

“Golden Freddy: I may be spooky, but I give great bear hugs.”

“Foxy: I once walked into a wall, and the wall apologized.”

“Springtrap: If only people understood the beauty of taxidermy.”

“Chica: I may be a serial killer animatronic, but I make killer cupcakes.”

“Freddy: I can sing and dance, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I put my keys.”

“Bonnie: I may look like a rabbit, but I’m really just a hipster in a costume.”

“Golden Freddy: I’m the ultimate party crasher, but only if the party has cake.”

“Foxy: Did you know that pirates are the original fans of ‘Yarr-nold Schwarzenegger’ movies?”

“Chica: I’m a master at hide and seek. No one has ever found my secret stash of pizza dough.”

“Freddy: Don’t judge a bear by its animatronic exterior. I have complex feelings too!”

“Springtrap: I may be decayed and filled with murderous intents, but I also enjoy knitting sweaters.”

“Bonnie: I’m not dumb, I’m just really good at being clumsy.”

“Golden Freddy: I’m like a puzzle – missing pieces and slightly terrifying when you try to solve me.”

“Foxy: Have you ever seen a fox doing a backflip? It’s both impressive and slightly terrifying.”

“Chica: I’m the embodiment of the phrase ‘cooking with love,’ even if the love involves a few screams.”

“Freddy: If I had a nickel for every time I accidentally scared a child, I’d probably buy a haunted mansion.”

“Springtrap: I’m the poster animatronic for personal growth. No, literally, check out my wanted posters!”

“Bonnie: I may be a guitarist, but my true passion lies in breakdancing in the supply closet.”