“Kindergarten: where you learn how to share everything, except for germs.”

“Goodbye nap time, hello real life!”

“It’s been a wild ride, but I think I’m ready for first grade…maybe.”

“Kindergarten isn’t about the ABCs, it’s about learning how to BS your way through coloring.”

“Kindergarten taught me that it’s okay to be a little crazy…as long as you’re adorable.”

“Thanks for teaching me all the important things…like how to count to ten and how to avoid cooties.”

“I survived kindergarten and all I got was this piece of paper.”

“Kindergarten: where snacks are the currency and recess is like a mini-vacation.”

“Forget about the diploma, I’m just excited for the ice cream party.”

“It’s not the size of the crayon box that matters, it’s how you color with them.”

“Kindergarten was basically just training for elementary school…and boy was it exhausting.”

“I may have bitten someone once or twice, but hey, at least I learned not to eat paste.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I learned my colors in kindergarten, and now I’m one smart cookie too.”

“Who needs a diploma when I’ve got my finger paint masterpiece hanging on the fridge?”

“Kindergarten: the place where imagination runs wild and nap time is king.”

“I came, I saw, I graduated…and I still can’t tie my shoes.”

“Kindergarten is like a mini version of Survivor…except with fewer alliances and more Goldfish crackers.”

“Thanks to kindergarten, I’m now bilingual: I speak English and Kindergartener-ese.”

“Kindergarten taught us that it’s okay to color outside the lines…as long as it looks good on the fridge.”

“I may be little, but my kindergarten diploma is proof that I can do big things.”

“Goodbye kindergarten, hello world domination.”

“Some superheroes wear capes, others graduate from kindergarten.”

“Kindergarten taught me that life is better when you have a bunch of BFFs to share snacks with.”

“A diploma may fade, but the memories of kindergarten will last a lifetime.”

“Kindergarten: where we mastered the art of finger painting and pretending to listen.”

“Kindergarten taught me that it’s okay to color outside the lines…as long as you own it.”

“Don’t cry because kindergarten is over, smile because you never have to take a NAP again!”

“Kindergarten: the place where ‘inquisitive’ and ‘nosy’ become interchangeable.”

“Who needs a diploma when you’ve got a jar full of glitter from arts and crafts?”

“Kindergarten: the only place where using your imagination is actually encouraged.”