“I squat so my quads don’t murder me in my sleep.”

“Squats are like hugs for your legs.”

“Leg day? More like leg ‘YAY’!”

“Squats: because nobody ever wrote a song about a small butt.”

“Squat ’til you like what you see in the mirror.”

“Squat like nobody is watching, because nobody is really watching.”

“Friends don’t let friends skip leg day… or squat incorrectly.”

“Squatting is my therapy; I call it ‘squat-therapy’!”

“I have a ‘squat’ to say, but I’m too busy getting gains.”

“Squat to the rhythm of your own glutes.”

“Some people call it a squat; I call it ‘building an empire’.”

“Squats: the reason why my toilet is the most inspirational place in my house.”

“I squatted so hard, my butt woke up sore in the morning.”

“Good things come to those who squat… and also do lunges.”

“If squats were easy, they’d be called ‘sitting’.”

“Squatting is my superpower… and also my favorite leg exercise.”

“Squatting: the act of sitting down and standing up on hard mode.”

“The only thing that should be ‘basic’ is a proper squat form.”

“Squat like you mean it, because nobody ever drowned in sweat.”

“Squatting: the closest thing we have to time travel for our bodies.”

“When in doubt, squat it out.”

“Squat ’til you’re the envy of every chair.”

“Squatting is the secret to my success… and my perky behind.”

“Fall seven times, squat eight.”

“I squat, therefore I am… sore the next day.”

“Squat like nobody’s business, except your glutes.”

“You don’t need a therapist; you need squats.”

“No pain, no gain… no squat, no butt.”

“Squat like no one is judging, especially your gym crush.”

“Squatting is cheaper than therapy… and more fun!”