“I’m sorry for what I said when it was winter.”

“Sun’s out, buns out!”

“Life’s a beach, let’s go play in the sand!”

“My favorite summer activity is doing nothing and then taking a nap.”

“I’m officially on the hot mess express, next stop: summer!”

“If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.”

“Mermaid hair, don’t care!”

“I’m in flip-flop heaven, just call me the queen of sandals.”

“Sunshine is my favorite accessory.”

“My summer body is ready… for more ice cream!”

“Every summer has a story, mine usually includes sunscreen and a nap.”

“Flip-flops and popsicles, that’s how I roll in the summer.”

“Trying to stay cool is so hot right now.”

“Who needs a diet? I’m just here for the food trucks and ice cream stands.”

“Welcome to the Summer Show, where sweating is the main act!”

“Beach hair, don’t care!”

“My favorite exercise during summer is holding my drink while floating in the pool.”

“Summertime, where the livin’ is easy and the tan lines are hard to hide.”

“I’m all about the sun, sand, and a sprinkle of sarcasm.”

“Summer is all about embracing the awkward tan lines.”

“If there’s no pool, I’m not interested.”

“My summer motto: Less stress, more SPF.”

“Caution: I may have a severe case of summer fever.”

“Don’t worry, beach happy!”

“I’m a fan of all four seasons… of ice cream!”

“My summer forecast: hot coffee in the morning, iced coffee in the afternoon.”

“My passport and flip-flops are ready for some summer adventures.”

“Every day is a good day when it’s summer.”

“Sun’s out, puns out!”

“Summer: the only time it’s socially acceptable for adults to have watermelon stains on their shirt.”