“I have a PhD in ghost hunting and a minor in finding my glasses.”

“Zoinks! I lost my glasses again. Maybe they’re hanging out with my social life.”

“Who needs love when you can have a good mystery to solve?”

“I may lose my glasses, but I never lose my sense of adventure!”

“Jinkies! Can someone please invent a GPS for my glasses?”

“I solve mysteries faster than I can find my glasses.”

“You know you’re a Velma when you solve puzzles better than you solve your own problems.”

“I may be nearsighted, but my detective skills are 20/”

“Who needs 20/20 vision when you have a brilliant mind like mine?”

“Glasses may be my fashion statement, but solving mysteries is my true calling.”

“The only thing more elusive than my glasses is a good clue.”

“I’m like a detective superhero, except my superpower is losing glasses.”

“My glasses may be constantly missing, but my wit is always on point.”

“My glasses disappear more often than the villains we catch.”

“You can never have too many clues or backup pairs of glasses.”

“I may be blind as a bat without my glasses, but I see through the lies.”

“I’m a mystery-solving machine, if only I could find my glasses.”

“Some people collect stamps, I collect glasses.”

“Once I find my glasses, watch out criminals!”

“Who needs contact lenses when you have a detective’s eye for detail?”

“I may be a nerd, but I’m a cool nerd with an extensive glasses collection.”

“My glasses are like a magical key to unlocking the mysteries of the world.”

“If you found my glasses before I do, please let me know.”

“I may lose my glasses, but I never lose my determination to solve a case.”

“I’ve got brains, glasses, and a whole lot of sass.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t see who stole your heart, I’ve lost my glasses again.”

“Solving mysteries is my passion, but finding my glasses is my greatest challenge.”

“I’m like a stealthy ninja, only clumsier and with fogged-up glasses.”

“My glasses may be crooked, but my theories are always straight.”

“Forget Cinderella, I don’t need a glass slipper, just a good pair of glasses.”