“Everything is negotiable.” – Diluc

“Losing to oneself is the greatest loss.” – Zhongli

“I’m not a weapon of war, but a guardian of justice.” – Jean

“Justice will prevail!” – Kaeya

“Honorable knights should always be prepared.” – Noelle

“Knowledge is power, and I believe that power should be shared.” – Lisa

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” – Razor

“The winds are full of stories. Shall I tell you a secret?” – Venti

“Life is too short to be bound by rules.” – Xiangling

“Flow with the river, adapt to the circumstances.” – Childe

“Nothing is more important than friendship.” – Barbara

“I’ll become the best swordsman in all of Teyvat!” – Bennett

“Don’t push yourself too hard. The world is filled with wonders, take a moment to appreciate them.” – Klee

“I may be small but I make up for it in agility!” – Keqing

“Stay sharp, don’t ever let your guard down.” – Beidou

“A true leader should always remain vigilant.” – Ningguang

“There’s always something new to learn.” – Sucrose

“Strength blooms from a calm mind.” – Xiao

“Don’t underestimate the power of the earth.” – Geo Traveler

“A true adventurer never shies away from an uncharted path.” – Anemo Traveler

“I will find my sister, no matter the cost!” – Lumine

“Balance is the key to success.” – Zhongli

“Trust is an invaluable asset in this world.” – Jean

“Perseverance is the key to achieving greatness.” – Diluc

“Taste the flames of my wrath!” – Amber

“Duty and honor guide my every step.” – Razor

“The mysteries of the world are waiting to be unraveled.” – Lisa

“I will protect my friends, no matter what.” – Noelle

“Music has the power to heal the soul.” – Barbara

“I will fear no evil, for I am the strongest!” – Childe