“God knows my heart better than I do.”

“Even when I have doubts, God knows my heart.”

“In times of darkness, God knows my heart’s true intentions.”

“My deepest desires are known to God, for He knows my heart.”

“God knows the purity of my intentions when others misunderstand.”

“God sees beyond my actions and knows the intentions of my heart.”

“God understands my struggles because He knows the depths of my heart.”

“When I feel lost, God knows the yearnings of my heart.”

“God knows the intentions behind every word I utter.”

“No matter how much I may hide, God still knows my heart’s true desires.”

“Even in my weakness, God knows the depths of my heart.”

“God sees beyond appearances and knows the truth in my heart.”

“God knows the sincerity with which I serve Him.”

“God knows the battles I face in my heart and offers His endless grace.”

“When I’m unable to express myself, God knows the cries of my heart.”

“God knows the struggles I face and provides strength to endure.”

“When I cannot find the words, God knows the prayers of my heart.”

“God understands the longings of my heart before I am able to comprehend them myself.”

“God knows the pain in my heart and provides healing in His time.”

“Even when I am lost, God knows the way back to my heart.”

“In moments of despair, God knows the hope that still lingers within my heart.”

“God knows the depths of my heart’s longing for His presence.”

“No matter how broken I may feel, God knows how to mend my heart.”

“God knows the dreams that consume my heart and provides guidance to fulfill them.”

“When I struggle to forgive, God knows the inner workings of my heart.”

“God knows my weaknesses but still chooses to love me unconditionally.”

“In times of uncertainty, God knows the desires of my heart and leads me towards His purpose.”

“God knows the hidden desires of my heart that I dare not speak aloud.”

“Even when I am misunderstood by others, God knows the intentions within my heart.”

“God knows my heart better than I know myself, and His love is unwavering.”