“Though you may be gone, your love and guidance will forever remain in my heart.”

“In my heart, you will always be with me, my dear godmother.”

“You may be in heaven, but your presence is felt daily in my life.”

“I may not see you, but I know you are watching over me from above.”

“Heaven gained an angel, but I lost my godmother.”

“Thank you for being an angel in my life, even from heaven.”

“Godmother, your love and support will never be forgotten.”

“I have an angel godmother in heaven, protecting and guiding me always.”

“Even though you are gone, your love and memory will live on forever.”

“In my memories, you will always be the loving godmother in heaven.”

“Godmother, thank you for being my guardian angel in heaven.”

“Your love was a guiding light in my life, now shining down from heaven.”

“I may not see you, but I feel your love surrounding me from heaven.”

“Godmother, your legacy lives on in the lives you touched.”

“I miss you every day, dear godmother, as I know you are in heaven watching over me.”

“Heaven has gained an incredible godmother, but my heart feels empty without you.”

“You were more than a godmother, you were a spiritual presence in my life.”

“Although you are no longer here, your love still fills the void in my heart.”

“Godmother, thank you for the everlasting impact you had on my life.”

“Heaven is now blessed with your presence, but my soul longs for one more moment with you.”

“I carry your love in my heart, my godmother in heaven.”

“Your influence and love will forever shape the person I am today, my dear godmother in heaven.”

“Every day, I miss your comforting presence, my guiding godmother in heaven.”

“Your love transcends time and space, remaining a constant force in my life.”

“Godmother, your presence in heaven brings me comfort amidst the pain of your absence.”

“I find solace in knowing that you are in a better place, my godmother in heaven.”

“Your life may have ended, but your spirit lives on in my memories and heart.”

“In heaven’s embrace, I know you are at peace, my beloved godmother.”

“I am forever grateful for the love and joy you brought into my life, dear godmother in heaven.”

“Heaven couldn’t wait to have you, but I am left missing you dearly, my godmother.”