“Do it with half-assed effort or don’t do it at all.”

“Why do something well when you can do it half-assed?”

“In half-assing we trust.”

“Half-assed is better than not assed at all.”

“Make sure to always give your half-assed best.”

“Perfection is overrated, be half-assed instead.”

“Why put in 100% when you can give a half-assed 50%?”

“The key to success is half-assing your way through.”

“Half-assed: the art of doing just enough to get by.”

“A half-assed effort is often all you need.”

“Don’t overthink it, just do it half-assed.”

“Half-assing is the secret to life.”

“Good things come to those who give half-assed effort.”

“The world rewards half-assed productivity.”

“Overachievers are just half-assers with too much free time.”

“Efficiency is all about doing it half-assed.”

“Half-assing is a skill that must be mastered.”

“In a world of overachievers, be a proud half-asser.”

“Half-assed effort, wholehearted results.”

“Half-assed: the lazy person’s approach to success.”

“A half-assed attempt is better than no attempt at all.”

“Success can be achieved with a half-assed attitude.”

“Half-assing it: the only way to survive.”

“Give it your half-assed best and see what happens.”

“Half-assing it is the key to freedom.”

“Why strive for perfection when you can be delightfully half-assed?”

“Half-assed is the new perfect.”

“Don’t waste time on 100%, go for a glorious 50% effort.”

“Life is too short to give your full ass, half-ass it instead.”

“Embrace your inner half-asser and watch the magic happen.”