“I don’t need arms to hold me, I need you.”

“You are the only one who can make my heart feel safe.”

“In your arms, I find solace and warmth.”

“Hold me like there’s no tomorrow, because with you, I never want it to end.”

“Your embrace is my sanctuary.”

“Wrap your arms around me and never let go.”

“Being in your arms feels like home.”

“I want to be held by you forever and always.”

“You are my safe haven, the only place where I truly belong.”

“Your arms are my armor against all the chaos of the world.”

“Hold me tight, and let your love heal any broken pieces within me.”

“I find strength and comfort in the way you hold me.”

“Your touch has the power to calm my restless soul.”

“When you hold me, I feel like everything is going to be alright.”

“Your embrace feels like a gentle promise that everything will be okay.”

“Hold me close and let me forget about the troubles of the world.”

“Just being in your arms is enough to make me feel safe and loved.”

“With you, even the darkest nights feel warmer and brighter.”

“Your arms are my favorite place to hide from the world.”

“Hold me and let me forget about everything except the love we share.”

“Your embrace is the best place to be, it’s where I find my peace.”

“Hold me like you never want to let go, and I promise to hold onto you just as tight.”

“Being in your arms is where I feel the most alive and the most loved.”

“Your touch melts away my worries and fills me with a sense of security.”

“In your arms, I am free to be the vulnerable and imperfect person that I am.”

“Hold me as if you understand all the words I can’t express.”

“Being held by you is all the reassurance I need in this world.”

“Your embrace is the only place where I truly feel at home.”

“Hold me like you never want to let go, and I’ll never stop holding onto your love.”

“In your arms, I find the strength to face the world with a smile.”