“I promise to protect you from any pain or harm.”

“My love for you is unconditional, I will never intentionally hurt you.”

“You are safe with me, I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Your happiness and well-being are my top priorities; I will never hurt you.”

“I vow to always be gentle with your heart.”

“I am here to be your support system, not to cause you pain.”

“In my arms, you will find nothing but love and comfort.”

“I will never let any harm come your way, I will always shield you.”

“My intention is to only bring joy and happiness into your life.”

“I will always handle your heart with care.”

“I promise to never intentionally inflict emotional pain upon you.”

“Your trust is sacred to me; I will never betray it.”

“You are my priority, and I will do everything in my power to protect you.”

“My love for you is a safe haven, where you will never experience hurt.”

“I will walk beside you, supporting and nurturing you, but never hurting you.”

“You are not alone; I will never let anything or anyone hurt you.”

“You can lean on me, knowing that I will never let you fall.”

“I will be your rock, providing you with stability and security.”

“I will never play with your emotions; my love for you is genuine.”

“I will do everything in my power to bring a smile to your face, never tears.”

“You are my heart’s treasure, and I will protect you always.”

“Your happiness is mine as well; I will never be the cause of your pain.”

“Together, we will create a world free from hurt and full of love.”

“I will never let anyone or anything hurt you, for you are my everything.”

“My love for you is a shield that will protect you from any hurt.”

“I will be your safe haven, where you never have to worry about being hurt.”

“Your feelings are important to me, and I will never disregard them.”

“I promise to always communicate openly and honestly, avoiding any hurtful actions.”

“My love for you is gentle and pure; I will never cause you pain.”

“I am here to heal your wounds, not to inflict them.”