“The Internet is like a river of knowledge, but without proper safety precautions, it can also drown you.” – Unknown

“Think twice before you click.” – Unknown

“Your online actions have real-world consequences.” – Unknown

“When in doubt, log out.” – Unknown

“Be careful online; your personal information is worth protecting.” – Unknown

“Online safety is not just a choice, it’s a responsibility.” – Unknown

“The internet is a great tool, but you need to navigate it with caution.” – Unknown

“Your privacy is more valuable than any post or photo.” – Unknown

“Protect yourself online, because once something is on the internet, it’s nearly impossible to remove completely.” – Unknown

“Don’t share your secrets with the world; keep them offline.” – Unknown

“Don’t trade your safety for convenience.” – Unknown

“Sharing less online means protecting more offline.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the internet be the judge of your self-worth.” – Unknown

“The internet is both a source of knowledge and a breeding ground for scams.” – Unknown

“Identity theft is not just a movie plot; it’s a real threat.” – Unknown

“Think before you post; would you want it on a billboard?” – Unknown

“Your digital footprint can shape your future; make sure it leaves a positive impression.” – Unknown

“Online predators are real, so be careful who you trust and communicate with.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the internet control your life; use it wisely and in moderation.” – Unknown

“Be skeptical of everything you see online; not everything is what it seems.” – Unknown

“Online bullies may hide behind screens, but the pain they cause is real.” – Unknown

“The internet never forgets, so be cautious of what you share.” – Unknown

“Your personal information is like gold to hackers; protect it fiercely.” – Unknown

“Your online reputation is as important as your offline one. Guard it well.” – Unknown

“Online relationships can be deceiving; don’t trust blindly.” – Unknown

“Be diligent with your passwords; they are the keys to your digital life.” – Unknown

“Think critically and question everything you see online.” – Unknown

“Surf smart: don’t fall for phishing scams or give away sensitive information.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the virtual world replace real-life connections; nourish both.” – Unknown

“You are not anonymous online; be responsible for your actions.” – Unknown