“Trust your body, it knows what it needs.” – Unknown

“Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and truly enjoy every bite.” – Evelyn Tribole

“Focus on how eating makes you feel, rather than the number on the scale.” – Unknown

“Eat mindfully and savor each bite, it’s a form of self-care.” – Unknown

“No food is inherently good or bad, it’s all about finding balance.” – Unknown

“Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues, it knows best.” – Unknown

“Reject diet culture and embrace your body as it is.” – Unknown

“Let go of food rules and eat intuitively, your body will thank you.” – Unknown

“Eat what you love, not what you think you should.” – Unknown

“Your body is the expert, not a diet book.” – Unknown

“Nourish your body with love and respect, not restriction.” – Unknown

“Honoring your hunger is an act of self-love.” – Unknown

“Tune in to your body’s cravings, it’s trying to tell you something.” – Unknown

“Stop labeling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, they’re just food.” – Unknown

“Eating intuitively means trusting yourself and your choices.” – Unknown

“Remember, it’s not about what you eat, it’s about how you feel.” – Unknown

“Eat without guilt, your body knows how to balance itself.” – Unknown

“The more you listen to your body, the more it will trust you.” – Unknown

“Your worth is not determined by what you eat or how you look.” – Unknown

“When you give yourself permission to eat, food loses its power over you.” – Unknown

“Your weight does not define your worth.” – Unknown

“Eating should be pleasurable, not stressful.” – Unknown

“Respect your body’s unique needs, it’s not a one-size-fits-all game.” – Unknown

“Food is not the enemy, it’s nourishment for your body and soul.” – Unknown

“The scale doesn’t measure your worth or happiness.” – Unknown

“Embrace the freedom of intuitive eating and let go of dieting mentality.” – Unknown

“You deserve to enjoy food without guilt or shame.” – Unknown

“Your body is constantly changing, and that’s okay.” – Unknown

“You have the power to make choices that align with your body’s needs.” – Unknown

“Intuitive eating is about finding peace with food and your body.” – Unknown