“I would rather die tomorrow than live a thousand years without you.” -Addie LaRue

“She has been a defiant, willful girl, stubborn in her pursuit of what she wants.” -Addie LaRue

“She is not some province to conquer, but a queen to adore.” -Addie LaRue

“I have passed through roaring rivers, crossed great divides, and defied time itself, all in the name of love.” -Addie LaRue

“They say there are no happy endings, but that is not true. There are only endings that haven’t yet been finished.” -Addie LaRue

“I am a story, and stories have no attachment to anything real.” -Addie LaRue

“Perhaps all the better things won’t come after a storm, but with the storm itself.” -Addie LaRue

“I have tasted the power of my own words, and I am not afraid to wield it.” -Addie LaRue

“She refuses to let the world forget that she exists.” -Addie LaRue

“There is a pain in wanting something you cannot have, a pain like melancholy.” -Addie LaRue

“I have learned to make my own magic, to create my own light in the darkness.” -Addie LaRue

“To be lost is to be blessed, for only in the wilderness can we truly find ourselves.” -Addie LaRue

“I am constantly wondering if I am being seen or if I am forever lost in the shadows.” -Addie LaRue

“Love is a thief, stealing away our hearts and leaving us forever changed.” -Addie LaRue

“She is a woman of contradictions, a masterpiece of chaos and clarity.” -Addie LaRue

“I am the girl who cannot be remembered, and yet here I am, imprinting myself on hearts and souls.” -Addie LaRue

“I will keep running, keep fighting, keep searching until I find what I am looking for.” -Addie LaRue

“I am the girl who bargains for minutes, pleading for more time.” -Addie LaRue

“Life is a series of choices, and I have made mine: to live, to breathe, to love.” -Addie LaRue

“I am tired of being invisible. I want to be seen, truly seen, for who I am.” -Addie LaRue

“The world may forget me, but I will never forget myself.” -Addie LaRue

“I am a thief of hearts, a trickster of time, and a master of my own destiny.” -Addie LaRue

“To be forgotten is a fate worse than death, for it erases all traces of our existence.” -Addie LaRue

“Love is a flame that cannot be extinguished, even in the darkest of nights.” -Addie LaRue

“I may be forgotten by the world, but my story will live on in the hearts of those I have touched.” -Addie LaRue

“I am the girl who dances in the moonlight, chasing shadows and leaving echoes in my wake.” -Addie LaRue

“The world may try to extinguish my flame, but I will keep burning for as long as I can.” -Addie LaRue

“I have learned that love is not finite, but infinite. It cannot be confined or controlled.” -Addie LaRue

“I may be invisible, but my impact is undeniable.” -Addie LaRue

“I am the girl who defies fate, who refuses to be defined by the limitations placed upon her.” -Addie LaRue