“I am power, absolute power!” – Jafar

“Sometimes, it’s fun to be the bad guy.” – Jafar

“I must find that Diamond in the Rough.” – Jafar

“All this power, and I still can’t bring someone back from the dead.” – Jafar

“I will not be silenced! Not by you or anyone else!” – Jafar

“My dear princess, it’s not what’s underneath that counts, but what I can offer you.” – Jafar

“I love lamp!” – Jafar (parodying the line from Anchorman)

“With this staff, I command you to obey!” – Jafar

“The world will bow before me!” – Jafar

“Genie, my first wish is to rule Agrabah!” – Jafar

“Iago, remind me to throw you in the dungeon later!” – Jafar

“You cannot escape destiny, Aladdin!” – Jafar

“The universe is mine to command!” – Jafar

“Power, wealth, and a new world to conquer. Imagine the possibilities, my dear.” – Jafar

“I have only just begun to show you my power!” – Jafar

“You think you have power? You are a fool!” – Jafar

“I am the sorcerer supreme!” – Jafar

“It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you do with the power.” – Jafar

“Life’s too short to be humble.” – Jafar

“I will not rest until I have the family tree, the map to power!” – Jafar

“There’s a fine line between ambition and greed.” – Jafar

“Genie, release me from this lamp!” – Jafar

“The key to the universe lies in this golden scarab.” – Jafar

“You will never defeat me, Aladdin!” – Jafar

“The world is mine for the taking!” – Jafar

“I’m the grand vizier, not some beggar in the street!” – Jafar

“Once I have the lamp, I will be unstoppable!” – Jafar

“You fools! You’ve fallen right into my trap.” – Jafar

“I will make you all pay for underestimating me!” – Jafar

“The power of Jafar is unmatched in all the land!” – Jafar