“Justice is the constant and perpetual will to render to each one his due.”

“The greatest punishment for those who govern badly is to be led by worse governors.”

“To offend the divine will is to violate justice itself.”

“The severity of the law prevents the commission of crime.”

“Laws are silent during war.”

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

“The strength of the empire lies in the justice of its laws.”

“The safety of the people should be the highest law.”

“A prince who is moderate in his conduct will be revered by his subjects.”

“A good ruler aims for the prosperity and happiness of his people.”

“A well-ordered state is a mirror to the world.”

“A people who are ignorant of their history are destined to repeat it.”

“The duty of a ruler is to promote the common good.”

“Peace and justice are the foundation of a prosperous society.”

“A ruler who is guided by reason will make wise decisions.”

“A ruler should lead by example, as actions speak louder than words.”

“Injustice is the enemy of peace and stability.”

“The law should be applied equally to all, regardless of status or wealth.”

“A ruler must be just and prudent, for his actions affect the lives of many.”

“To be silent when one should protest makes cowards out of men.”

“Laws protect the weak against the strong.”

“The duty of a ruler is to provide for the defense and welfare of his people.”

“The law should be clear and understandable to all.”

“A ruler who acts with integrity will gain the respect and loyalty of his subjects.”

“A just ruler seeks to promote equality and opportunity for all.”

“The purpose of punishment is not revenge, but the prevention of future crimes.”

“A ruler who is guided by his passions is bound to make mistakes.”

“A ruler should consult wise advisers before making important decisions.”

“A ruler should strive to be both just and merciful.”

“Justice should prevail even in difficult and challenging times.”