“Love can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can also hurt like hell.” – Kevin Gates

“Love hurts when it hits you unexpectedly.”

“Sometimes the person you love can cause the most damage.”

“Love can make you feel alive, but it can also leave you feeling broken.”

“When you love someone deeply, their absence can be excruciatingly painful.”

“Love hurts, but it also has the power to heal.”

“The more you love someone, the more they have the ability to hurt you.”

“Love is a risk, and sometimes it leaves you with scars.”

“Love can drive you crazy, because the person who hurts you the most is also the one you can’t live without.”

“The pain of love is worth it, because the love itself is worth it.”

“Love often brings out the best and worst in us.”

“No matter how much love hurts, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

“Love can crush you, but it can also make you stronger.”

“Sometimes the person who loves you the most is the one who hurts you the most.”

“Don’t be afraid to love again, even if you’ve been hurt before.”

“Love can be a battlefield, but it’s worth fighting for.”

“Love hurts, but it’s a necessary pain on the journey to finding true happiness.”

“Love can break your heart, but it can also mend it.”

“Love can be messy and complicated, but it’s still the most beautiful feeling in the world.”

“The pain of love is temporary, but the lessons it teaches us are everlasting.”

“Love can be a double-edged sword, capable of both healing and hurting.”

“Love is a risk, and sometimes you have to be willing to get hurt in order to experience the true depth of love.”

“Love is like a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns.”

“Love can take you to the highest highs and the lowest lows.”

“When love hurts, it’s important to remember that it’s not a reflection of your worth or value.”

“You can’t control who you fall in love with, but you can control how you handle the pain that comes with it.”

“Love may hurt, but it’s what makes us feel alive and human.”

“Sometimes you have to let go of the person you love, even if it hurts like hell.”

“Love hurts because it exposes our vulnerabilities, but it also has the power to heal those wounds.”

“In the end, love is worth the pain, because it’s what gives meaning to our lives.”