“I did not lose a battle in which I fought Khalid bin al-Walid.”

“Know that there is no victory without hardship.”

“I am not a brave warrior, but a warrior of God.”

“I fight not for fame or wealth, but for Allah’s cause.”

“I fear only Allah.”

“When you fight, fight with all your might and leave no room for doubt or hesitation.”

“No arrow can reach me without Allah’s permission.”

“The sword of Khalid is the sword of Allah.”

“I am but a humble servant of Allah, following His commandments.”

“In victory, be humble. In defeat, be resilient.”

“I would rather die fighting for truth than live in submission to falsehood.”

“The strong among you is the one who controls his anger.”

“The greatest victory is to conquer yourself.”

“Do not let your desires control you, but control your desires.”

“Seek knowledge, for it is the light of the mind and the weapon of the Muslim.”

“Do not let arrogance blind you from the truth.”

“Do not aim to be the richest, aim to be the most generous.”

“Patience is the key to success.”

“Be honest in your dealings, for honesty is a shield against deceit.”

“Your character is a reflection of your faith.”

“Do not seek revenge, seek justice.”

“The path of righteousness is seldom easy, but it is always worth it.”

“When faced with adversity, rely on the strength of your faith.”

“A united Ummah (community) is stronger than any army.”

“Do not let success cloud your judgment.”

“Do not underestimate your enemy, but do not fear them either.”

“Be selective with your companions, for they shape your character.”

“A truly brave person is one who controls their desires.”

“Never compromise your principles for temporary gain.”

“Remember, the ultimate victory is in the hereafter.”