“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!” – Les Nessman

“I never knew a bird could soar like a crowbar.” – Les Nessman

“That’s the sound of turkeys landing on a car!” – Les Nessman

“It’s raining turkeys!” – Les Nessman

“The turkeys are descending from the sky with a purpose!” – Les Nessman

“I see them! They’re crashing right into the parking lot!” – Les Nessman

“Look out! Turkeys are dropping like bombs!” – Les Nessman

“I fear we may have underestimated the weight of these turkeys.” – Les Nessman

“They’re falling fast and furious! It’s a turkey deluge!” – Les Nessman

“The sky is black with turkeys! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!” – Les Nessman

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing! This is pure poultry chaos!” – Les Nessman

“The turkeys have become airborne projectiles!” – Les Nessman

“It’s like a poultry Armageddon out there!” – Les Nessman

“I think I just witnessed the greatest turkey disaster of all time.” – Les Nessman

“There are feathers everywhere! It’s a turkeypocalypse!” – Les Nessman

“This is an unprecedented turkey catastrophe!” – Les Nessman

“Nobody expected the turkey drop of this magnitude!” – Les Nessman

“These turkeys aren’t just flying, they’re crash-landing!” – Les Nessman

“Watch out! Turkeys are falling faster than meteorites!” – Les Nessman

“I never thought I’d see the day when turkeys would take over the skies!” – Les Nessman

“The turkeys are defying gravity and common sense!” – Les Nessman

“Is this a turkey rebellion? Are they seeking revenge?” – Les Nessman

“It’s a bird-pocalypse! Turkeys are staging a revolt in the sky!” – Les Nessman

“I apologize for underestimating the power of turkeys in flight.” – Les Nessman

“I don’t think anyone was prepared for the turkeypocalypse we just witnessed.” – Les Nessman

“Turkeys soaring through the air like demented angels, it’s both terrifying and awe-inspiring.” – Les Nessman

“The streets are littered with turkeys, and I have to say, it’s a surreal sight.” – Les Nessman

“The turkey drop has turned into a turkey disaster of epic proportions.” – Les Nessman

“This isn’t just a news story, it’s a turkey tragedy of biblical proportions.” – Les Nessman

“Turkeys may not have wings, but they sure know how to create chaos in the air!” – Les Nessman