“I am not a bird in a cage; I am a lion roaring in the wilderness.” – Unknown

“It is better to live in a cage of gold than in a cage of fear.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, we build our own cages with our thoughts and beliefs.” – Unknown

“Life becomes a prison when we confine ourselves to the boundaries of our own comfort zone.” – Unknown

“Don’t let fear trap you in a cage; embrace the unknown and spread your wings.” – Unknown

“The cage you live in is not made of iron bars, but of limitations you create for yourself.” – Unknown

“A cage does not define a person’s worth; it is the freedom within that makes all the difference.” – Unknown

“Physical freedom is meaningless without mental and emotional liberation.” – Unknown

“Living in a cage may protect you from harm, but it also denies you the joy of freedom.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, the biggest prison is the one we build in our own minds.” – Unknown

“Break free from the cage of self-doubt and soar to new heights.” – Unknown

“The real tragedy is not being locked in a cage, but forgetting that you have the key to unlock it.” – Unknown

“Life is too short to live in a cage. Take risks, be brave, and embrace the unknown.” – Unknown

“True freedom is not the absence of restrictions, but the ability to choose your own path within them.” – Unknown

“Don’t let society’s expectations confine you; break free and live life on your own terms.” – Unknown

“The cage may be strong, but the spirit within is stronger.” – Unknown

“Break the bars that hold you back and step into the world of limitless possibilities.” – Unknown

“Comfort can be a cage that keeps us from experiencing the fullness of life.” – Unknown

“Life is meant to be lived without boundaries; don’t let anyone or anything cage your brilliance.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, you have to lose everything to find the strength to break free from your cage.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the opinions of others build a cage around your dreams.” – Unknown

“A cage can protect you, but it can also suffocate you. Choose your boundaries wisely.” – Unknown

“Strength comes from breaking free from the cages we create for ourselves.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, we have to lose everything to gain the courage to escape our self-imposed cages.” – Unknown

“A cage is no place for a soul meant to fly.” – Unknown

“Living in a cage of fear is not truly living at all.” – Unknown

“Break free from the prison of your past and create a future where you are truly alive.” – Unknown

“The greatest tragedy is not the cage, but accepting it as your only reality.” – Unknown

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage to break free from the cages of conformity.” – Unknown

“Embrace the discomfort of growth and break out of the confines of your comfort zone.” – Unknown