“MBA: Making Billions of Assumptions”

“I’m not lazy, I’m professionally efficient – MBA style!”

“An MBA: The perfect degree for those who want to solve complex problems with PowerPoint presentations.”

“You know you’re an MBA student when your dream job is to be a PowerPoint ninja.”

“The only thing harder to find than a good MBA job is a parking spot on campus.”

“An MBA is just a socially acceptable way to say you’re addicted to Excel.”

“MBA: Masters in Buzzword Administration.”

“In MBA, we don’t say ‘I don’t know,’ we say ‘I’ll get back to you with a comprehensive analysis.'”

“Why did the MBA student bring a ladder to the job interview? To reach for the top!”

“MBA life: Where ‘networking’ is code for ‘drinking with strangers.'”

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear suits and call themselves MBA graduates.”

“You know you’re in an MBA program when the most challenging part of your week is deciding which business book to read.”

“An MBA is like a magic trick – you learn to sound knowledgeable about things you don’t actually understand.”

“My MBA can beat up your Ph.D.”

“Why do MBAs make great detectives? They always have the skills to ‘analyze the case’ and ‘solve the problem.'”

“MBA: Managing Beer Assets.”

“An MBA is the ultimate degree in multitasking – sleeping in class while taking notes with one hand.”

“The best tool in an MBA’s arsenal: Ctrl+Alt+Del. It solves everything.”

“I don’t need luck, I have an MBA.”

“An MBA is like a gym membership – expensive, looks good on paper, but rarely gets used.”

“Why did the MBA student major in marketing? Because he didn’t have the charisma for sales or the creativity for advertising.”

“MBA graduates: Turning coffee into spreadsheets since forever.”

“Why did the MBA student cross the road? To network with the chicken and explore business opportunities.”

“An MBA degree guarantees a stable career – in decision-making paralysis.”

“Why did the MBA student bring a ladder to the interview? To climb the corporate ladder, one step at a time.”

“What do you call a group of MBAs in a room? A think tank, a power hour, or happy hour.”

“An MBA student’s favorite phrase: ‘I’m only here to network!'”

“Why do MBAs make great photographers? They always know how to ‘frame the problem’ and ‘capture the big picture.'”

“An MBA is the best way to learn how to solve problems that you didn’t know existed.”

“The real test of an MBA: Can you explain what you actually do for a living in plain English?”