“In the absence of light, darkness prevails.” – Riddick

“Fear is a powerful tool, but only if you let it control you.” – Imam

“In the darkest moments, true strength emerges.” – Riddick

“The only way to conquer fear is to become it.” – Riddick

“The night is a friend for those who know how to embrace it.” – Riddick

“In the darkest corners of the soul, the true self is found.” – Imam

“Sometimes, the dark can be your greatest ally.” – Riddick

“In the pitch black, we find our true potential.” – Imam

“The night may be cold, but it carries the fire within us.” – Riddick

“In the absence of light, we are forced to confront the shadows within.” – Imam

“The dark is not to be feared, but to be understood.” – Riddick

“Sometimes, it’s the shadows that lead us towards the light.” – Imam

“In the pitch black, the truth becomes clearer than ever.” – Riddick

“The dark is a canvas waiting to be painted with our courage.” – Imam

“In the darkest nights, hope shines the brightest.” – Riddick

“The strongest stars are born in the darkest nights.” – Imam

“Darkness is not an obstacle, but a pathway to transformation.” – Riddick

“In the pitch black, we learn to rely on our instincts.” – Imam

“Sometimes, the darkest moments bring the greatest revelations.” – Riddick

“Fear cannot thrive where darkness reigns.” – Imam

“In the pitch black, we find the freedom to be ourselves.” – Riddick

“The night may be dark, but it holds the secrets to our true power.” – Imam

“The dark is a reminder that everything has a balance.” – Riddick

“In the absence of light, we become the guiding stars.” – Imam

“The night is a bridge between who we were and who we can become.” – Riddick

“The darker it gets, the brighter our inner fire glows.” – Imam

“In the pitch black, we uncover the courage to face our fears.” – Riddick

“The shadows may hide, but they cannot diminish our light.” – Imam

“In the darkest moments, our true character is revealed.” – Riddick

“The night may be dark, but it cannot extinguish our will to survive.” – Imam