“In compromise, there is strength and wisdom.” – Gary Lineker

“Compromise means being open to finding common ground, not simply giving in.” – Tom Rath

“Compromise is the art of finding middle ground without sacrificing your beliefs.” – Amy Poehler

“Compromise is the foundation of all successful relationships.” – John C. Maxwell

“In compromise, both sides somewhat win and somewhat lose.” – John F. Kennedy

“It takes strength to compromise, and even more strength to stick to your principles when others won’t compromise.” – Ralph Nader

“Compromise doesn’t mean that you are weak, it means that you are wise.” – Barack Obama

“Compromise is a sign of maturity and understanding.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the bridge that connects two opposing viewpoints.” – Dalai Lama

“The strongest partnerships are built on mutual compromise.” – William James

“Compromise leads to growth and progress.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Compromise is giving up some of what you want in order to get some of what you need.” – Unknown

“Compromise allows us to collaborate and move forward together.” – Michelle Obama

“Compromise is the art of meeting halfway.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the key to resolving conflicts and finding solutions.” – John Wooden

“Compromise is the essence of democracy.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the path to harmony and understanding.” – Unknown

“Compromise is a beautiful thing that helps people coexist peacefully.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the language of diplomacy.” – Unknown

“Compromise makes for better relationships and better outcomes.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the key to success in any negotiation.” – Unknown

“Compromise is a strength, not a weakness.” – Unknown

“Compromise allows for progress and innovation.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the art of finding common ground without losing sight of your values.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the bridge that leads to understanding and empathy.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the key to finding peaceful resolutions.” – Unknown

“Compromise is about finding solutions, not winners and losers.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the art of balancing our individual needs with the needs of others.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the best way to build trust and foster collaboration.” – Unknown

“Compromise is the glue that holds relationships together.” – Unknown