“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” – Margaret Atwood

“Touch has a memory.” – John Keats

“A simple touch can be so powerful, it can change a lifetime.” – Unknown

“Sometimes a touch is worth more than a thousand words.” – Unknown

“Touch is the most fundamental sense.” – Rachel Carson

“Touch has a way of healing what words alone cannot.” – Unknown

“To touch is to give life.” – Michelangelo

“The power of touch can be found in the simplest of gestures.” – Unknown

“A touch can speak louder than words.” – Unknown

“Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and the last to fade before death.” – Unknown

“Touching someone’s heart is the greatest gift you can give.” – Unknown

“The human touch is that little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness.” – Unknown

“Touch is the most intimate form of communication.” – Unknown

“A touch can convey more love than words ever could.” – Unknown

“Touch is the most basic form of connection.” – Unknown

“A loving touch can heal wounds that words cannot.” – Unknown

“Sometimes a gentle touch is all it takes to make someone’s day a little brighter.” – Unknown

“The power of touch can provide solace in the darkest of times.” – Unknown

“A touch can be a bridge between hearts.” – Unknown

“A touch can silence all the words left unspoken.” – Unknown

“Touch has a way of unveiling emotions that words fail to express.” – Unknown

“A touch has the ability to ignite passion and ignite love.” – Unknown

“Touch is the universal language of compassion.” – Unknown

“The touch of a loved one can make the soul come alive.” – Unknown

“A touch can communicate volumes without saying a single word.” – Unknown

“The power of touch can make even the strongest walls come crumbling down.” – Unknown

“A touch can make even the loneliest feel connected to the world.” – Unknown

“The human touch is an elixir for the soul.” – Unknown

“Sometimes a touch can be a lifeline.” – Unknown

“Touch is the language of love, understanding, and empathy.” – Unknown