“I always knew I’d end up alone… just didn’t think I’d have to enjoy the view from a coffin.”

“Love is a killer.”

“Some people are born ugly, huh? It just sort of… grows on them.”

“We belong dead.”

“I’m your bride now, Chucky.”

“A true romance for the ages… homicidal maniac meets serial killer doll.”

“The perfect match – two bloodthirsty souls united in eternal unholy matrimony.”

“Till death do us part… and even then, I’ll still love you.”

“Love doesn’t die… it just evolves into something darker.”

“Together, we’re a match made in hell.”

“Love knows no bounds – not even death can stop it.”

“We may be twisted, but our love is real.”

“You’re my forever nightmare, Chucky.”

“Love me in this life, or the next one… I’ll be waiting.”

“If love is a battlefield, then we’re the ultimate soldiers.”

“Our love is a horror story with a happy ending.”

“In this world or the next, we’re destined to be together.”

“Love is like a voodoo spell – once it’s cast, you can’t escape it.”

“Our love is the perfect kind of madness.”

“I’ll be your bride ’til the end of time.”

“We’re twisted souls, but that’s what makes our love shine.”

“Love can be deadly, and I’m willing to die for it.”

“Love survives death… or in our case, thrives on it.”

“Our love is the darkest secret that must be revealed.”

“Love never dies, it just gets bloodier.”

“In a world of monsters, we found love within each other.”

“Our love is a chaotic symphony that only the wicked can understand.”

“True love is rare and worth killing for.”

“Our love story is a living nightmare, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“We’re the epitome of a bloody romance.”