“I might be in love with you.” – Chapter 13, Page 113

“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up.” – Chapter 14, Page 132

“In that moment, I understand the way that bravery can bring pain, not just to the person who acts on it, but to those who witness it.” – Chapter 19, Page 180

“That’s when I realize I’m living a faction before I find a facation. I watch my mother with her family and then with Marcus, and I wonder if the secret to the Abnegation is love.” – Chapter 23, Page 223

“Sleep, I remind myself as I slip back into the dark space of unconsciousness. Sleep until I am no longer tired, until I am ready to take the world by storm. Sleep, because there are no more tears. Not here.” – Chapter 25, Page 248

“I have never been so glad not to belong as I am in this moment.” – Chapter 27, Page 271

“Freedom from fear doesn’t exist; it just translates into a new fear.” – Chapter 29, Page 289

“The future belongs to those who know where they belong.” – Chapter 32, Page 322

“We believe in freedom from fear, in ordinary acts of bravery, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.” – Chapter 33, Page 327

“I am a Dauntless traitor.” – Chapter 34, Page 336

“I have to remember that forgiveness means accepting that another person’s actions are a function of their own reality.” – Chapter 36, Page 350

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear and how to be free from it.” – Chapter 37, Page 356

“It’s easier to put yourself back together if you have something to hold on to.” – Chapter 41, Page 402

“Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s so important that we don’t rely on it.” – Chapter 42, Page 409

“My body lives in the Dauntless compound, but my mind wanders. I wonder what I did to become so worthy of love.” – Chapter 46, Page 453

“When people ask me about my parents–their voices full of sympathy and curiosity–I feel only irritation. They take it for granted, I guess, that I miss my parents, but little do they know, I have nothing to miss. My parents died many years ago, when I was just a baby.” – Chapter 47, Page 457

“I think that maybe forgiveness means release, letting go of the hope for a better past.” – Chapter 49, Page 472

“I am a Dauntless traitor and an abomination. There is no place for me in Erudite.” – Chapter 50, Page 489

“Every so often, a factionless member climbs up the side of the building and makes it over the railing. One jump and they’re gone.” – Chapter 53, Page 511

“When I look at the water, I remember the fear I felt at the beginning. But now I feel only a numbing regret. I’m sorry, I think. I’m sorry that we couldn’t save you.” – Chapter 55, Page 529

“I’m selfish. I’m brave.” – Chapter 56, Page 535

“The knowledge that I’m finally becoming myself settles within me, even as I can no longer hold on to the hands of the people I love.” – Chapter 58, Page 550

“Shatter me.” – Chapter 61, Page 576

“I must learn to trust myself more, trust my own changing instincts.” – Chapter 64, Page 607

“This is the first time I’ve stepped off the grid, the first time I’ve known I can stay outside. If being Dauntless means being undaunted by stupidity, cruelty, arrogance, and lack of control, I am not Dauntless.” – Chapter 66, Page 628

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.” – Chapter 71, Page 666

“Factions, they’re not just about surviving. They’re about creating a better world with better people.” – Chapter 74, Page 698

“I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs.” – Chapter 77, Page 724

“He wants me to belong to him. The shouts of the crowd you are mine echo in my mind.” – Chapter 82, Page 765

“I am no longer Tris, the selfless, or the brave. I suppose that now, I must become more than either.” – Chapter 85, Page 797

Please note that page numbers may vary depending on the edition or version of the book you are reading.