“We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”

“You know everything you need to know about a person from the answer to the question, What is your favorite book?”

“Noah says, ‘Maybe there isn’t a good Happy Medium. Maybe we’re all weathering something awful, some storm that will just rise up and kill us if we don’t stay aware.’”

“I feel like I’ve joined a false reality, a delusionary world, one that is beautiful but empty.”

“She loves me so much that she talks to me all the time, even when no one is there.”

“Part of fun is pretending you’re only pretending that what you’re doing is actually real.”

“The feed is like a vast engine with a bypass circuit.”

“To grow up is to accept vulnerability…To be alive is to be open and say Here I am!”

“There were a lot of mallows like that, crooning and staring, trusting to the feed beeps they were getting that everything was still good and it wouldn’t be long till they got over their hypergravity and got transferred to a park.”

“Thoughts come as quick as tap dancing. Tap tap tap.”

“Noah said, ‘There’s a lot of filth living in a tube.’ He said, ‘Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you cut a hole in your astronaut suit. Whether there would be any change, or whether you would just die, the vacuum instantaneously filing up, sucking the filth away and everything normal, everything just the same again.’”

“Eve is lying there, reading, and her hair looks like it’s made of water, with waves superimposed over waves, as if there were two surfaces for each strand, so it’s almost like you can see through to her skull.”

“Maybe the feed came early and destroyed any memory of ever being a baby. Maybe it happened while we were asleep in cribs, dicking with all our reality.”

“Enough with connection—I broke away.”

“As with many activities with multiple participants, it seemed like we were all trying to see who could go the fastest on a crash course, to see who would end up in the hospital first.”

“Okay, so maybe we had a few minutes of intrasquad rivalry.”

“You could feel everyone working towards the eyeball in the center of their workings and schemes, watching out for it.”

“It seemed like the only ones of us who weren’t connected all the time were the dead.”

“It was like there was infinity over everything.”

“She walked like water, with a fluid motion, and she seemed to dream fluidly, as if what was going on around her wasn’t really happening, but was just something that went along with her dream.”

“During the moon landing, just before there was that moonquake, our dads went out of the AP and put rocks on their foreheads and pretended like they were all surprised.”

“The ums and ahs of the seventeenth century must be a thousand times worse than back then.”

“I guess I was quiet for a minute or so. ‘You know how when you’re reading a book and you know that something bad is about to happen to the main character?’”

“Everything means more than it used to. Everything is more.”

“Do the memories of the dead pull us toward them in the same way that the memories of our dead selves pull us toward who we are now?”

“We saw Bach-man with these selling things you stick up your nostrils to play music directly into your head. Bach-man was like, ‘This is a whole new way of communicating man,’ but he still sold the things.”

“Part of having things to sell is having other things to sell them against.”

“We all knew the moon had had unfathomable billions spent on it and it had to move from red stage to yellow stage.”

“I got out my next candy and put it in my mouth. When I swallowed it, my throat went Beep!”

“She said, ‘Back then it never not occurred to you to think, This is just me. This can’t be someone else.’”