“I live with my demons and I thank them for creating the legend of Ricardo Tubbs.” – Ricardo Tubbs

“Miami is a melting pot, and trust me, the heat can burn you.” – Sonny Crockett

“In this city, you have to play dirty to survive.” – Gina Calabrese

“We’re all just pawns in a bigger game, but sometimes the pawns become kings.” – Trudy Joplin

“Miami is a paradise with a dark underbelly.” – Stan Switek

“In this town, loyalty is a rare currency.” – Zito

“You can’t hide your sins in Miami, they’ll always find you.” – Isabella

“Miami is a city where fortunes change with the flick of a switch.” – Calderone

“We’re the flip side of the American dream, fighting against the darkness.” – Sonny Crockett

“In Miami, the line between good and evil is blurred.” – Ricardo Tubbs

“Sometimes the only way to survive is by wearing a mask.” – Gina Calabrese

“Miami is a city of extremes, where the beautiful and the dangerous coexist.” – Trudy Joplin

“In this world, you either swim with the sharks or become shark food.” – Stan Switek

“Miami is a slick city of illusions, where nothing is what it seems.” – Zito

“In Miami, everyone has a past, and nobody is innocent.” – Isabella

“Miami is intoxicating, but too much of anything can be lethal.” – Calderone

“We’re warriors in a concrete jungle, fighting for justice in the shadows.” – Sonny Crockett

“In Miami, the only guarantee is that things will always get messier.” – Ricardo Tubbs

“This city will chew you up and spit you out if you let it.” – Gina Calabrese

“Miami is a city of broken dreams, where hope is a fleeting illusion.” – Trudy Joplin

“In this town, you have to be a predator to survive.” – Stan Switek

“Miami is a seductress, luring you in with promises of paradise.” – Zito

“In Miami, trust is the currency of fools.” – Isabella

“Miami is a battleground for the lost souls, searching for redemption.” – Calderone

“We’re fighters in a city that feasts on weakness.” – Sonny Crockett

“In Miami, love is a dangerous game that no one wins.” – Ricardo Tubbs

“This city is a maze, and only the cunning can navigate its twisted paths.” – Gina Calabrese

“Miami is an empire built on corruption, and it’s our job to tear it down.” – Trudy Joplin

“In this town, the only way out is in a body bag.” – Stan Switek

“Miami is a graveyard of shattered dreams, and we’re the undertakers.” – Zito