“Cleverness is not wisdom.” – Euripides

“Cleverness is when you believe only half of what you hear. Wisdom is when you know which half.” – Joyce Brothers

“True cleverness is knowing when to appear stupid.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Cleverness is a gift; kindness is a choice.” – Jeff Bezos

“Cleverness is like a lens that can distort reality, while wisdom provides clarity.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is not enough, it must be combined with patience and persistence.” – Robert Baden-Powell

“Cleverness is not a substitute for hard work nor a shortcut to success.” – Edmund Bourne

“Cleverness without wisdom is fool’s gold.” – Unknown

“Cleverness can mask ignorance, but it cannot replace knowledge.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to adapt to change without losing sight of one’s goals.” – Unknown

“Cleverness may impress others, but wisdom inspires and guides them.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to understand complex ideas and simplify them for others.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is like a sword, it can be used for good or for harm.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to see connections and patterns where others see chaos.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the art of finding unconventional solutions to common problems.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to anticipate and outmaneuver your opponents.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the secret weapon of those who don’t have strength or power.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is not determined by how much you know, but by how well you apply what you know.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is knowing when to speak up and when to stay silent.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is a gift, but wisdom is earned through experience and reflection.” – Unknown

“Cleverness can win battles, but wisdom wins wars.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to find humor and joy in the midst of challenges.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the bridge between knowledge and innovation.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the art of being resourceful with limited resources.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is using your wit and intelligence to influence others positively.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the art of making the complex appear simple.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the ability to adapt and thrive in ever-changing environments.” – Unknown

“Cleverness is the mark of a quick mind, but wisdom is the hallmark of a noble soul.” – Unknown