“Evangelism is not about winning arguments; it’s about winning souls.” – Billy Graham

“Evangelism is simply one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” – D.T. Niles

“Evangelism is not an option for Christians; it is a command.” – Unknown

“Our job is to love people, not to convince them.” – Francis Chan

“Evangelism is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others, so they too can experience the joy and hope we have found in Him.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not a one-time event, but a lifestyle of sharing Christ’s love with others.” – Charles Swindoll

“Evangelism is not about adding numbers to the church, but about adding souls to the kingdom of God.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about forcing our beliefs on others, but about showing them the love of Christ.” – Rick Warren

“Evangelism is not about changing people’s minds; it’s about changing their hearts.” – Max Lucado

“Evangelism is not about being the loudest voice, but about being the clearest reflection of Christ.” – Unknown

“Evangelism begins with the simple act of sharing our own faith journey and inviting others to join us.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about getting people to our church; it’s about getting people to Jesus.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about judgment, but about offering hope and redemption.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is a joyous responsibility, as we have the privilege of participating in God’s work of transforming lives.” – Charles Stanley

“Evangelism is contagious; when we are truly transformed by Christ, our lives become a powerful witness to others.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about arguing theology, but about sharing the love and grace of God.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not a burden, but a privilege to partner with God in His mission of saving the lost.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not a solo effort, but a team endeavor as we work together to bring others to Christ.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about persuading; it’s about presenting the truth in love and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in people’s hearts.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is sowing seeds of faith, trusting that God will bring the harvest.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about showcasing our knowledge, but about demonstrating God’s love in practical ways.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is being a witness wherever we go, shining the light of Christ in every situation.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about conforming others to our image; it’s about leading them to Christ’s image.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about promoting a religion; it’s about introducing people to a personal relationship with Jesus.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not an event; it’s a lifestyle of intentional conversations and genuine love.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about saving ourselves, but about leading others to the One who can save them.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about being perfect; it’s about being authentic and pointing others to our perfect Savior.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s about meeting people where they’re at and sharing Christ in a way they can understand.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is not about having all the answers; it’s about pointing people to the One who does.” – Unknown

“Evangelism is living out our faith in such a way that others are drawn to the source of our hope.” – Unknown