“Making fun of others doesn’t make you clever or cool, it just shows your own insecurities.” – Unknown

“Mocking someone else’s flaws won’t make yours disappear.” – Unknown

“It takes strength to lift someone up, but weakness to bring others down through mockery.” – Unknown

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” – Wendy Mass

“Instead of making fun of others, try to understand their struggles and offer support.” – Unknown

“In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind.” – Unknown

“The way you treat others speaks volumes about your own character.” – Unknown

“It’s easy to make fun of others, but it takes courage to choose empathy and understanding.” – Unknown

“Laughing at someone else’s expense is never worth the price of their dignity.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the fear of being mocked discourage you from being yourself.” – Unknown

“Humiliate no one, the karma will return to you.” – Hazrat Ali

“The ability to make others laugh is a gift, but using that gift to belittle others is a curse.” – Unknown

“Choose to be someone who builds others up, not someone who tears them down.” – Unknown

“Life is already hard enough, be the person who brings a smile to someone’s face.” – Unknown

“The words we speak have the power to either heal or harm.” – Unknown

“Making fun of others only reveals your own shortcomings.” – Unknown

“Look for the good in people instead of constantly pointing out their flaws.” – Unknown

“No one should feel small just so you can feel big.” – Unknown

“Remember that we are all human, with our own vulnerabilities and imperfections.” – Unknown

“Choose to be an advocate for kindness, not a participant in mockery.” – Unknown

“It’s not funny to make fun of others; it’s simply mean-spirited.” – Unknown

“Treat others with the same respect and compassion you would like to receive.” – Unknown

“Leave a positive impact on people’s lives through kindness, not mockery.” – Unknown

“The world needs more encouragers and fewer ridiculers.” – Unknown

“Don’t let the desire to fit in lead you to tear others down.” – Unknown

“People will remember how you made them feel, so make sure it’s something positive.” – Unknown

“You never know what someone is going through, so choose to be kind always.” – Unknown

“Humility is not found in mocking others, but in lifting them up.” – Unknown

“Laugh with others, not at them.” – Unknown

“Making fun of others means you are wasting an opportunity to be a better person.” – Unknown