“Swimming: the only sport where loafing around in the water is considered exercise.”

“I don’t swim to win races, I swim to escape reality. Oh, and to eat whatever I want without guilt too!”

“I swim because punching people is frowned upon.”

“Swimming: where the only time you feel like a fish out of water is when you actually are one.”

“Swimming is the closest thing we have to being a mermaid, minus the tail and the singing voice.”

“The pool is my happy place. Well, that and the dessert aisle at the grocery store.”

“I swim because I would rather be in the water than adulting.”

“Swimming: where you can look like a drowned rat and still feel like a champion.”

“I don’t always swim, but when I do, I look like a flailing manatee.”

“Swimming is like yoga, except instead of posing like a pretzel, you’re floating like a jellyfish.”

“I swim so I can have a legitimate reason to eat an entire pizza by myself.”

“Swimming: the only time I feel like I’m winning a gold medal despite being out of shape.”

“I’m not a fish, but I like to pretend I am when I’m in the water. Just don’t ask me to breathe through gills!”

“Swimming is my therapy, and the pool is my couch. It’s like a soggy version of Dr. Phil.”

“I swim because adulting is hard, and chlorine is cheap.”

“Swimming: where even if you’re swimming slow, you’re still going faster than everyone on the couch.”

“Swimming is like a full-body workout, except you get to listen to your own splashing symphony.”

“I swim because it’s like being in a gigantic blender, but with less spinach and more relaxation.”

“Swimming is my way of proving mermaids are real… in spirit, if not in physical form.”

“I swim because it’s the only time I can make excessive splashing noises without getting judged.”

“Swimming: where you can drown your fears and float on your dreams.”

“I don’t swim to compete, I swim for the excuse to stuff my face with nachos afterward.”

“Swimming: the only time I feel halfway graceful, until I try to get out of the pool.”

“I swim because it’s the one activity where being soggy is socially acceptable.”

“Swimming: the sport for those who like to wear their superhero capes as swimsuits.”

“I don’t need a life vest, I’m a swimmer – I AM the life vest!”

“Swimming is the ultimate multitasking: you exercise, get a tan, and cool off all at once.”

“I swim because it’s the only place I can imagine myself as a bronze statue instead of a pale computer potato.”

“Swimming: where water is my canvas, and my strokes are my brushstrokes… or something like that.”

“I swim so I don’t have to watch my figure, I can just float it away.”