“The church is not a place you go. It’s a family you belong to.”

“Discipleship is not a program. It’s a relationship.”

“Family is not an obstacle to ministry. It is the context.”

“Every child needs a proactive and ongoing partnership between church and home.”

“Faith is not just caught, it’s connected.”

“The most important thing a child needs is someone who is crazy about Jesus.”

“Your greatest contribution may not be something you do but someone you raise.”

“We are not called to be the church of the future. We are called to be the church of now.”

“The goal is not to raise good kids, but to raise kids who follow Jesus.”

“Don’t just teach kids about God, teach them to experience Him.”

“We must prioritize relationships over rules.”

“We cannot out-program the influence of parents.”

“To reach the next generation, we must become their biggest fans.”

“The church should be a place where children are celebrated, valued, and included.”

“Children are not the church of tomorrow. They are the church of today.”

“The best gift we can give our children is a front row seat to see faith lived out.”

“When we partner with parents, we multiply our influence.”

“Family ministry is not just a program, it’s a philosophy.”

“The church should be a place where children ask questions, explore faith, and encounter Jesus.”

“Our responsibility is not just to teach kids, but to equip parents.”

“Every child is a masterpiece created with purpose.”

“Investing in the next generation is not an option, it’s a mandate.”

“Family ministry is not an add-on, it’s the foundation.”

“We should never underestimate the impact we can have on a child’s faith journey.”

“Kids don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.”

“God doesn’t just love kids, He is crazy about them.”

“The love of Jesus is the greatest gift we can give a child.”

“We must create safe spaces where kids can be vulnerable and authentic.”

“Our job is not to control kids, but to guide them toward Jesus.”

“The church’s greatest asset is not its programs, but its people.”