“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” – Archy

“A real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot.” – Archy

“I own this town, remember that. One wrong move, and I’ll turn your little dream world into a fucking nightmare.” – Lenny Cole

“The only thing you’ll be waving is your false leg in the air, like a steel dildo.” – One Two

“You don’t steal from people you know, you steal from people you don’t know.” – Archy

“You’re dealing with criminals. The law is the least of their concern.” – Stella

“Money makes the world go round, my friend.” – Roman

“A junkie who could sell his own mother a dose of the clap.” – Archy

“The world is your lobster, my son.” – Lenny Cole

“People ask the question… what’s a RocknRolla? And I tell ’em – it’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend.” – Archy

“You think I’m a businessman? Now, I ain’t a businessman. I’m a business, man!” – Uri

“The Magnificent Seven ride again, motherfuckers!” – Archy

“We’re all about to be millionaires, boys, and millionaires don’t live like punks.” – One Two

“Everyone gets paid… eventually.” – Stella

“You’re a collector of souls and I’m just your average Joe.” – Johnny Quid

“In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all.” – Mickey

“You break into my house, steal my money, and then you think you’ll be able to run away like it never happened? Ain’t gonna happen, sunshine.” – Roman

“Never had no one tell me that I can do whatever I wanna do. Shit. I couldn’t even tie my own shoelaces tight enough.” – Johnny Quid

“Music… soothes the savage beast.” – Archy

“Always trust a man with dirty fingernails, Freddie.” – One Two

“There’s only one thing anyone can tell you about me, and it isn’t true.” – Archy

“For people like us, who live in the gutter, the only way to go is up.” – Roman

“You’re still a fearful little shit. And that’s why you always will be.” – Archie

“You can’t take sides when you still have something to lose.” – Stella

“I know people… and I know they don’t like taking blame for all the shit that went wrong. So, they sleep better at night when they put a bullet in someone else’s head.” – Roman

“Losing is never a happy experience for anyone.” – Uri

“If you don’t smoke, if you don’t drink, and if you don’t do drugs, your dying days are going to be very fucking boring, my friend.” – Lenny Cole

“We all know… that a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” – Uri

“There’s only one rule in this game, Archie: kill or be killed. Those are your options.” – Roman

“Every dog has his day.” – Archie