“I’m not a psychopath, I’m just very psychotic.”

“Narcissistic abuse is like being in a constant war zone with no chance of escaping.”

“Narcissists are experts at manipulating others and making them doubt their own reality.”

“Narcissistic supply is the lifeblood of a narcissist’s existence.”

“Narcissists view relationships as a game to be won at all costs.”

“It’s not enough for a narcissist to succeed; they have to make sure others fail.”

“Narcissists are masters at projecting their own flaws onto others.”

“Narcissists can be incredibly charming and charismatic, but it’s all an act.”

“Narcissists have an insatiable need for control and power.”

“A narcissist’s love is conditional, based solely on what they can gain from you.”

“Narcissists lack empathy and are incapable of truly caring for others.”

“Narcissists see people as objects to be used and discarded.”

“Narcissists have a grandiose sense of self-importance and believe they are above the rules.”

“Narcissists are masters of manipulation, gaslighting, and mind games.”

“Narcissists are deeply insecure and use their inflated ego as a defense mechanism.”

“Narcissists are emotional vampires, draining the energy and life out of those around them.”

“Narcissists have an uncanny ability to sense and exploit vulnerability in others.”

“A relationship with a narcissist is a never-ending cycle of abuse and manipulation.”

“Narcissists thrive on chaos and discord; they are the ultimate agents of destruction.”

“Narcissists are incapable of genuine remorse or taking responsibility for their actions.”

“Narcissists are perpetually dissatisfied and always searching for the next source of validation.”

“Narcissists are expert emotional manipulators, manipulating the emotions of others to suit their needs.”

“Narcissists have an insatiable need for admiration and adoration from others.”

“Narcissists are incapable of true intimacy and form superficial relationships based on what others can do for them.”

“Narcissists have a distorted sense of reality and believe their own lies.”

“Narcissists are incredibly skilled at making their victims feel like they are the crazy ones.”

“Narcissists are constantly seeking attention and will do anything to be the center of it.”

“Narcissists are skilled at projecting a false image of themselves to the world.”

“Narcissists are extremely jealous and will go to great lengths to undermine and sabotage others.”

“Narcissists are empty shells, lacking a solid sense of self and constantly seeking validation from external sources.”